Born on the 14 may 1979 by the help of the grandmother in the back yard to a teenage mother one Nakyagaba Nabakawa Rita in Kireka Kampala Uganda. As a toddler, known to have been coiled by a python when laid down by the grandmother while she tilled her garden. One morning, one by the name Matilda Nakilyowa raised an alarm while on her farm only to be assisted by the would be hunters on a hunt and the issue was that as usual, she had laid her grandson down and got onto her usual routine of tilling the ground for food for her family and when she opted to have a break, she took a walk to where she laid her grandson only to sight a well grown python coiled around him with lots of giggles and happiness from her grandson George with the python’s head right on top of his face.

With the snake looking right into her eyes, she  was so traumatized that  she couldn’t scream.

She prayed to Hail Mary several times and after a pretty long time, the snake uncoiled its self and crawled away to the opposite direction of her.

She made a few steps, picked up the baby and raised an alarm which saw the local hunters come to her rescue. An instant hunt for the python in question begun and when a local traditional healer was consulted, he instructed that the python in question should not be killed but rather be brought to his shrine alive. In two days’ time one Mavirikata Kiwanuka Eneriko, who happens to be my grandfather delivered the python alive at the local traditional healer’s shrine

After intense spirit consultations with various Spiritual Healers, my grandmother Nakilyowa Matilda was summoned to undertake spiritual healing, which she did with no hesitation as such was an ancestral calling.

Early childhood

Being born in Kireka exposed me to playing with human bones and skulls from mass shallow graves of people that died as a result of torture under Idi Amini regime. 

Playing around mass graves filled with human bones was scary at first  but with time became normal and interesting. Being a child soldier became my dream since I grew up seeing my community freely socialize with soldiers who many a time gave me delicious biscuits and seeing their armored vehicles and the uniforms they wore, their lifestyle got me fascinated.


Having worked in my grandmother’s night club as an entertainer to the guests got me used receiving tips whenever I excelled in craft, by 1990 I sold Big G sweets to Mila users and playing cards to gamblers.

I simultaneously merchandised in Owino, Kisenyi , Bus za’baganda and Kiseka markets between 1991 and 1993. 1994 to 1997 while in high school, merchandising clothes would take its course from1998 to 1999, around the same time gambling took to its toll on me and  I reverted back to painting as a way to cope with everything that was happening around me, solidifying my love for Art.

A call from my grandmother would latter get me back to my roots as I was losing it over and over. In 2000, I digging pits alongside labor work on a construction side landed me into logistics till 2002. With most of 2003 spent on the streets of Pretoria town, on the 30th October 2003, the entrepreneurship in me got me merging with two others one Mukasa and Ssemwogerere Katende Sula In the purchase of an existing business from which we grew and became independent by the end of that very year.

From 2004 i was involved in many businesses in various sectors, exposing me to many things, as well as  people from all walks of life, the stories they shared and their life’s experiences intrigued me and i would imagine what it was like for someone to experience and see certain things, this emotional reaction brought out the creativity in me and gave me the desire to tell and interpret their stories, through my craft of painting.